At Majestic Auto, we perform collision and body repairs, including frame straightening, to all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Our people are craftsmen and will do a good job of restoring your car to pre-accident condition at a fair price.

Our Auto Body Shop Offers:

  • Auto Body Collision Repair
  • Frame Straightening
  • Auto Body Damage Repair
  • Auto Body Refinishing
  • Factory Waterborne Refinishing System
  • Accurate Paint Color Matching
  • Automotive Glass Replacement
  • Nationwide Database
  • for Aftermarket and/or Used Parts
  • Fluid Film Undercoating Applications
  • And More!
Body repair in action

To help our customers make informed decisions when it comes to auto repair, we have included some Terminology and answers to FAQs. For more information about our services, contact us OR call 802-244-5465 OR email today!


Aftermarket Parts: An aftermarket part is a warrantee part other than the original factory part that was built by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Factory Waterborne Paint System: The compact waterborne basecoat product platform consists of a comprehensive range of toners and a variety of limited-use, special-effect products designed to deliver the best possible color alignment to today’s OEM finishes. Toners are pre-balanced and ready for use, so it’s possible to achieve superb color matching, even in small volumes. No binders, converters, or special additives are required making it an environmentally friendly finishing product.

Supplement: An additional amount paid to settle a claim when there is hidden damage to your vehicle.  A supplement is a detailing of the repair charges for additional damage found after repairs are begun and provided to the insurance company for approval. We take responsibility for contacting the insurance company and receiving the necessary approval for these additional repair charges and additional time needed to properly complete the repairs. All you have to do is sign a form we submit to the insurance company with our documentation.  The insurance company will review and send payment direct to us for any additional charges.

Preferred Shop, Pro-Shop, Direct Repair Shop: These are shops that have contracts with insurance companies which involve reduced repair hour rates and parts discounts that save the insurance company costs on the repair.  The shops also give repairs for these insurers priority in their shops to reduce the time they need to pay for rental for their customers. The insurance companies offer that the repairs will be covered by warrantee if you use the shop they recommend.  You should know that:

  • No Law Requires You to Get More than One Estimate
  • You Are Not Obligated to use any Particular Shop to Obtain Repairs
  • You, Not the Insurance Company, Choose the Shop & Authorize the Repairs
  • You Do Not Have to Accept the Insurance Company’s Appraisal of Damage.  Check the “Appraisal Clause” in Your Policy on How to Resolve ANY Differences”
  • Any reputable shop will warrantee the quality of the repair work they perform on your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

We care about our customers and want to make sure you feel comfortable and informed when you bring your vehicle into our auto body shop. Below you can find a list of answers to frequently asked questions about what to expect if you’ve been in an accident. As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at 802-244-5465 and we will be happy to help you.

  1. Do I need an appointment to have an estimate done and how long will it take?
  2. Do you work with all insurance companies?
  3. Do you use factory parts?
  4. What happens if the used part(s) are in bad shape?
  5. What happens if the aftermarket parts do not fit properly?
  6. How do you address any concerns I have after repairs are completed?
  7. Do you have rental vehicles on your lot?
  8. Do you have loaner vehicles I can use?
  9. What if I don’t have insurance to cover the damages, or it is rust repair?

Do I need an appointment to have an estimate done and how long will it take?

No appointment is necessary and we welcome walk-ins for estimates. An estimate will take about 15 minutes and you will need your current registration for vehicle information. If you prefer to plan ahead and come at a specific day/time, we are glad to schedule that for you to be certain that Tom will be available to provide the estimate for you.

Do you work with all insurance companies?

We perform repairs for all insurance companies and can submit our estimates with photos to any of them electronically for their review.

Do you use factory parts?

Depending on how your insurance policy is written and based on the age and mileage of your car, the insurance company may only pay for used aftermarket parts. As the customer, you have the option of accepting these parts or paying the difference to have us install factory parts. We have relationships with both GM & Honda to obtain factory parts at the competitive aftermarket price, allowing us to use those parts in repair at no extra cost to you.

What happens if the used part(s) are in bad shape?

The used part(s) have to come from the same year car or newer and if they are not in reasonable condition we will contact the insurance company in order to upgrade to aftermarket or factory parts or a better condition used part if available.

What happens if the aftermarket parts do not fit properly?

We believe your car should be repaired to its pre-accident condition. However, you may have purchased a policy that requires aftermarket repair parts when they are available. If the aftermarket parts do not fit properly we will contact the insurance company in order to upgrade to factory parts.

How do you address any concerns I have after repairs are completed?

We ask that, if you have any concerns, you give us a call or stop by so Tom can take a look and go over things with you. By law, you have 1 year to come back regarding any insurance claim damage and repair that was completed. If your concerns are related to the original insurance damage, the amount can be paid as a supplement after we contact the insurance company and get approval. If the issue is determined to be a problem with the work we performed, we will schedule a time for you to come back in so we can take care of that at our expense.

Do you have rental vehicles on your lot?

We do not have rental vehicles, but we do have a working relationship with Enterprise. We will get you the information you need to obtain a rental vehicle if necessary. Most insurance companies can direct bill the rental companies once you have a claim number if you are a claimant, or if you have that coverage on your policy.

Do you have loaner vehicles I can use?

We have a couple of Subaru Foresters and a PT Cruiser that we can loan to customers when a rental car is not available. These are only available short term (for a few days) and can only be driven locally (i.e. within 40 miles or so of Waterbury).

What if I don’t have insurance to cover the damages, or it is rust repair?

We can still provide an estimate and options for repairs. We can source used or aftermarket parts to reduce costs and options for ways to perform repairs at a reasonable cost. We will work to return your car’s body to a road worthy condition and meeting state inspection standards as well as performing full insurance repairs.

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"Tom has worked on five of our cars over the years, always with great service, a great attitude, and great value for the money. Now, more than ever, it's important to choose Majestic. Hurricane Irene recently flooded them and the family lost four houses. If you need body work, choose Majestic Auto."

- J.F. from Charlotte, VT (September 15, 2011)

"I have used the services of Majestic Auto for over 20 years and every repair was exceptional! The owners, Tom and Martha Douglass, are people of integrity who take great pride in their work. The skills that Tom brings to the trade are second to none. His work product would be better described as "showroom condition" vs "auto repair." I became a loyal customer immediately after my first experience!"

- Kim J.B. of Berrian Insurance Group in Waitsfield, VT

"This summer, an older friend of mine asked me where she could take her car to have some body work done on it. Being in her mid-eighties, she didn't want to have to buy a new vehicle and she was worried that if she went to a shop she didn't know, she might be taken advantage of and end up with a less than satisfactory job being done on her car at a price that was higher than it should be. I told her about Tom and Martha at Majestic Auto. They have been doing bodywork and mechanical repairs on our vehicles for over twenty-five years. Tom came to the rescue when I had the nerve-wracking experience of having the timing belt go on my truck while driving down a very steep hill and when I was stranded on a snowy, dark morning on the Interstate with a flat tire. Majestic Auto has done everything from replacing the rear hatch of my 4-Runner to sprucing up the rims of our MGB. Needless to say, when my friend got her car back from having the bodywork done, she was thrilled. She exclaimed how thorough and professional the work was and how she had never met nicer people to do business with. For friendly, efficient, quality work that needs to be done on vehicles, I can't recommend Majestic Auto enough."

- Carolyn S. (September 22, 2014)